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Book Me is on the mission to connect book readers together.

We believe that the book you want to read (maybe about to buy) is already owned by someone else. So you can share the books for free or just for few cents and spread the love of books. Stop searching for cheap books, used books or second-hand books somewhere. Borrow/Lend original printed books from book readers in just one click!


(You can touch the buttons and move between screens.)


  • Not all details are included in the prototype like the borrower identification. since you must trust your borrower, he must scan his national id card or passport, and provide a phone number that he will receive the confirmation code on.

  • There was another idea to avoid any kind of scam that the borrower will pay for the book temporarly and the payed money will be sent to him back once he returned the book.

Useful for

  • Any library can use this system.
  • you don’t need to go to some library and take hours to search for some book.
  • No need to get stolen softcopy of the book :)
  • There is review system, which accordingly points and reward can be given for best lenders and for most trusted or active borrowers.

Tools we used

1- We created the prototype screenshots using it. It’s really awesome and super friendly for drag and drop, and also for adding interactions and transitions for your design, but unfortunatly it’s not free, but you can use the 15 trial days.

2- invision Powerful design and prototyping tools. You just upload your design files (screenshots) and add animations, gestures, and transitions to transform your static screens into clickable, interactive prototypes. It’s Free!

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